Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Race

Sunday, Father's Day, Jacob, Jessica and I ran the 5k Loop the Loop race for Children's Memorial Hospital and what a way to celebrate my special day.

After a 1 hour delay because of wind, rain and lightening we took off in what felt like cool conditions but what turned out to be extremly humid conditions which made the little run quite a challenge for me.

I managed to finish the thing and met my predict time of a 12 minute pace, well a little off, 12:01 to be exact. I would like to say that each mile was an even 12 but in reality I ran the first two miles too fast and had to walk/run the last mile, so it wasn't pretty but I'll take it at this point.

J&J treated me to a nice brunch at Gibson's, a nice steak house here in the Gold Coast. We found a nice spot outdoors and the weather turned near-perfect so all in all a great Father's Day and I'm glad I felt good enough to enjoy it.

We plan to run another 5k this coming Sunday in Lincoln Park called Miles for Maliwa (not sure about the spelling but I'm too lazy to look it up). It's another charity run so I'm looking forward to it and hoping I can pick up the pace a little.

I'm back running as many of these little 5ks as I can find right now simply because they're doable and I enjoy them. I really miss the long runs with my running buddies and the anticipation of another marathon but I'm just not ready for the distance yet and hope I get a breakthrough someday that will tell me to go for it again. Will see.

For now, I'll take what I'm given and keep training.

I hope your runs, walks, quiet moments or whatever it is that gives you pleasure are going great.


Sarah Haig said...

Glad to hear your Father's Day was a good one. Always good to get in a run, good food and time with family. Miss you! We'll let you know how Arkansas is later this week!!

Sarah Haig said...

I opened my training blog to anyone so have at it world! :)

RunnerGirl said...

Okay so I faithfully check your blog for months and finally give up. Today I thought I would take a peek and see that I missed 4 posts!

Anyway I'm so glad you are doing well and getting those 5k's in.

Sounds like you had a great Father's day. With a father, father-in-law, husband, and one majorly controlling sister-in-law to deal with, Father's day ended up at my home after much drama and power struggles. Not one of the better Father's Day for us although everyone behaved well on the day and the food rocked!

Best wished on your next race. The marathon can wait, you'll get there again. :-)