Sunday, November 25, 2007


I had much to be grateful and thankful for this Thanksgiving, especially my very life, which I admit I used to take for granted.

In my younger years I really couldn'g grasp the fact that I REALLY might get old someday and until this year I had never experienced the exciting event of dying of a heart attack and then being brought back to life by a couple of running friends, paramedics and then get my chest opened up and a couple of new arteries installed.

It's been an eventful year so far and Thanksgiving day I was glad to be able to eat a nice meal prepared by my son's girlfriend and enjoyed the company of my daughter, her hubby and two of my granddaughters. I won't be taking these special days for granted anymore.

My running was put on hold by my setback and I haven't been to good ol cardio rehab for two weeks because the blood pressure medicine the doctors put me on was dropping my blood pressure so low and keeping my heart rate so low that I came close to passing out at work. Therefore a panicky trip to ER, I was able to cab myself there this time, a couple days at Northwestern Hospital and a new medication regime. Recovering from a heart attack and open heart surgery is trickier than recovering from a tight hamstring or a pesky IT band problem. I'm floundering in unfamiliar waters right now and trying to stay brave and confess I have my moments of fear, and I don't like that one bit. Depression is apparently a part of recovery too and I don't like that feeling either....DUH!

I will get back to my cardio rehab girls tomorrow (Monday, November 26) and hopefully I can resume a little running on the treadmill this week.

I went to my "easy" yoga class Saturday and today (Sunday) went to my first pilates class since my infamous "event" in early August. Pilates is deceptively difficult and is a very effective core and total body strength workout and I was pleased to get through the hour of rather strenous activity. The "girly" leg work in pilates sets off a healthy burn in places in my hips and hip flexors that I never would get working out on my own. I put more pressure than usual on my chest and nothing fell apart but boy I've lost strength and endurance the past four months of recovery.

My favorite pilates instructor told me I still looked great. Naturally I thanked her and told her I hope to feel great ASAP. Suppose I'm in a hurry to get well and have to be grateful to be alive, be able to walk and talk and have an opportunity to someday run a bit.

I hope your holidays are going great and if not great at least I hope you can see a ray of light through whatever problem you're facing.

Life is short, run hard and often! But also take a break once in awhile, enjoy an easy run or stroll and soak up the current chilly breeze that is slipping through the Midwest.