Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bring it on!

I got back from Christmas vacation Christmas day and jumped into the work scene Tuesday, ran for an hour on my own Tuesday afternoon then hooked up with my running group Wednesday evening and ran hard for 50 minutes in the chilly dark night on the Lakefront.

This woman I trained with over the summer wants to get faster and boy is she competitive. I hauled her out for 25 minutes and back for about 15, then the old rip took off and left me in the dust. Okay, my excuse...I'm up 10 pounds since the October 22 Chicago marathon (and I"m freakin lazy). Soooo, I have a lot of work to do...after all, I'm competitive too and am determined to take her to school in 2007 and learn a few lessons myself along the way.

It feels good to be back into solid runs with no breaks after a summer of getting back in shape a bit and experimenting with this new-age run/walk program. I just hafta run, different strokes ya know.

I had a lot of healing and training to do this year after my bout with the electrolyte imbalance (low blood sodium) I got hit with the summer of 2005 and an embarassing trip to ER and following self-imposed exile from running a step for about seven months. I have no excuses now. My legs, feet and movement are right on and now its cardio, cardio, cardio...and I've been running long enough to know what I have to do.

Can't wait, I love to puke:)
Boston here I come.
Bye for now.