Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Isn't It Amazing

Isn't it amazing how short a mile is when you're in shape and how long a block is when you have diarrhea?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Staying In Shape

Staying in shape, or at least keeping from falling apart is quite a challenge for me in the winter, especially this winter.
I vowed to keep running through the winter but I have to confess I wimped out in January with the single digit readings and below zero wind chills here in the windy city.
As much as I despise the treadmill, I have managed to crawl onto the beast and get in a lot of 20 to 40 minute cardio workouts through the week and have kept up with my yoga and pilates workouts. I was talking to my pilates instructor, who up close appears to be in her 40s but from a distance looks to be in her mid-20s, about my lack of energy and she told me to get back into the weights.
She said she was having the same problem and started lifting again. I thought that was a pretty bold statement coming from a pilates guru. Sometimes I think pilates, yoga or about any other instructor thinks their way is the only way to health.
Anyway, I took her advice and got back into weights about twice a week this winter and lo and behold she was right!
My energy is much better since I started working with the weights so I plan to stay with the weight work. I'm currently lifting twice a week and want to work in a third session each week.
As usual, I want to do everything so am struggling a little with balance while I wait for some of the snow and ice to melt so I can run outside without falling on my ass and freezing my fingers.
I just can't get into running all bundled up like a damned Santa Claus.
Okay, so I'm a woose but I feel like I'm getting a little tougher and maybe someday I'll try another one of those crazy marathons?
And maybe not, we'll see!
Carry on.